How do you smear a problem like a Crapper?

I can’t think of a single way of insulting someone with a name like Pete Crapper, that the local registry office hasn’t already far surpassed. He and his sons were the subject of the text printed on the workie van that tried to run me off the road this morning. The driver, who may well himself have been a real Crapper, overtook me on a blind corner only to find—who’d have thought it?—there was oncoming traffic that he hadn’t seen when starting the manoeuver.

If I were you and I was looking for a plumber then, rather than be swayed by hilariously appropriate references to sewage, I’d find one that wasn’t a demonstrable idiot. Deed-polling’s too good for them, I say.

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One Response to How do you smear a problem like a Crapper?

  1. K says:

    Touch Oxford temptingly invites you to “be the first to review Pete Crapper”, but its terms of use forbid you to make any defamatory comments.

    If it was a bigger company, you could just do your usual thing of writing to the managing director to get the driver in trouble, but it doesn’t work when the driver is self-employed and has a reading age of six.

    … I see nobody’s registered yet. You could create the road equivalent of Hollaback.

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