The freedom to be an idiot; for now, at any rate

You think you know people; you think you can trust your demographic; and then a bunch of them start saying witless, ill-conceived rubbish like this, in favour of ID cards.

I’m stunned that rational people don’t see the harm in an ID card. It’s an extension of the belief that the innocent man has nothing to fear from the police, which has been proved wrong time and time again, if only through the miscarriages of justice that see the light of day. It’s as if there are educated people out there that are still too ignorant, or at any rate self-absorbed, to read Private Eye on a semi-regular basis. French police, whose system is recommended further down the thread, use ID essentially as a way of harassing people they don’t like—primarily people who aren’t white—and given that magistrates are already warning the general public about the dangers posed by a too-powerful, militaristic police force in the UK, do you think they’ll behave any differently from the French?

Whereas compulsory ID itself is primarily utilised as a means of social control and intimidation, central database storage threatens us primarily in its abuse rather than its use. As burkesworks says:

… The details of the mink farmers in Staffordshire whose grandmother’s grave was dug up were passed on to the animal rights nutters by a DVLA minion in Swansea who was bribed. Think about it; for example, it would be easy for some grunt with knuckle-dragging views about Jews to pass on the details of all the Cohens and Goldsteins and whoever onto some fanatical Nazi or Islamist, for a start….

The original post and some of the more blasé, brainless agreements below it make me despair utterly for the ability of the white middle-class to ever be understand the unhappy lot of anyone who isn’t as socially or economically privileged as them. It shocks me that people of my demographic can let this sort of thing happen because they find half a dozen cash cards and a wallet of spare change inconfuckingvenient. Not only that, but it’s clear that these herds of otherwise bright malleables don’t see any social problems on the horizon: they don’t perceive even the most simplistic methods of misuse that can come about by such a wildly inadvisable scheme. They’re all, in other words, ideal civil-servant material.

burkesworks has already mentioned the Jews, so that taboo has been breached and I’ll gladly follow. The German Jews gave all their details to the entre-deux-guerres government (it wasn’t called that at the time, of course, as that would’ve given the game away). They did it to some extent of their own free will, as part of a census. Luckily, of course, the German government remained liberal and friendly towards Jews during the early 1940s and six million people didn’t die. But that’s OK for you, right? That happened to Jews, and you’re not Jewish, so QED. It’s not rocket science, stupid.

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1 Response to The freedom to be an idiot; for now, at any rate

  1. awrc says:

    Verlaine is a notorious troll and comment whore, of course. We all get sucked in sometimes, as I suppose I did with my vague meanderings about flying (which you’ll possibly find equally frustrating in a different direction!). God knows what he really thinks. But then again, even to put down some of that guff about ID cards in print is reprehensible enough, I suppose.

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