Säkkikissa, Padraig an Phoist and Superted

Ages ago now, bluedevi asked if anyone could find the more extramural aspects of their experience of children’s television on YouTube. As she says, we’ve all had those bloody canonical conver—do you remember The Adventure Game?—sations, so this would be more of an attempt to shine a light on those obscure, dusty corners of such recollections that have otherwise been left unattended all these years. Such disregarded memories might be the source for many a neurosis, especially when they involve suggestive, pulsating tubes and bulbs, naked women on bicycles, Kraftwerk and lithe, muscular alien–astronauts that as far as I can tell have briefly visible willies: I remember the video she links to all too well, and it’s probably what turned me gay.

Wandering around the ‘Tube (it’s what all the kids are calling it) today in my hungover fug, I found The Cat Came Back fairly quickly: a nasty piece of animation that, because it was a cartoon, was still obviously perfectly reasonable fare for kids. But I was distracted shortly afterwards by the video for Gruff Rhys’ recent single Candylion, which might as well have been a segment in a 1970s programme where they asked you to get your mother to help you with the scissors. This explains why Gruff is dressed as he is in the inlay for the eponymous album, although given he tends to wear that sort of thing anyway I hadn’t given it a second thought.

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1 Response to Säkkikissa, Padraig an Phoist and Superted

  1. looby says:

    Must get a faster computer. Griff jerks a bit, then stops entirely.

    Or maybe that *is* the video.

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