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Baad company

As I rounded the hill on the road between our offices this lunchtime, I heard from the slope opposite a crescendo of bleating, gradually becoming more frantic and earnest as I walked roughly in its direction. There has been livestock … Continue reading

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The NME, or my NME, was my friend

In the late 1990s I used to read the NME as religiously as rgl would buy it and I would visit to steal his coffee. As he eventually had a subscription (to which he might no longer admit) then that … Continue reading

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The family that plays together allays together

This weekend I went to see my parents. Life has always been hairy around my dad, not least because until recently he’s been fairly hairy anyway. But he’s one of those old-old Labour types who lapse into quasi-Tory authoritarian Tebbitness … Continue reading

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Oxfringe 2007

…In the shadow of the official Oxford Literary Festival lurks… Oxfringe, an independent fringe event for local writers and new talent. We’re hosting a one-night session of stories, poetry and hilarious musical acts (time permitting) on 22nd March ’07 in … Continue reading

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Education is a right, is a right, is a right

For all sorts of reasons—environmental, social, and those of health, safety and child welfare—driving a car is one of the most selfish routine actions you can engage in. So those of you who were more than a little annoyed by … Continue reading

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Legal matters

Such events have a habit of becoming known anyway, so I ought to mention that on Sunday evening I was assaulted by a pavement cyclist. As he barged past us I told him to get off the pavement (and, admittedly, … Continue reading

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Only connect: with fruit

Yesterday I was having serious difficulties establishing any kind of human contact with anyone. On my way into Oxford on the 100 bus, I failed to answer a call from hatmandu as I’d put my phone on vibrate (specifically to … Continue reading

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