Education is a right, is a right, is a right

For all sorts of reasons—environmental, social, and those of health, safety and child welfare—driving a car is one of the most selfish routine actions you can engage in. So those of you who were more than a little annoyed by the recent publicity surrounding a petition that only seems to have been created to demonstrate that selfish people will vote to prevent their selfishness being taxed, here’s a rival one: driving is a privilege and not a right. If you think it’s a right then you have to let poor people enjoy the same rights, and pick them up as if you were a bus, you selfish unthinking clods. I made that last bit up myself, actually.

As a car owner myself, I’m proud to have already signed it. Tax me, your maj. Track my vehicle; make me pay per mile; make selfish behaviour less convenient and more costly than selfless behaviour. Private motorized travel, after all, only has another ten to fifteen years left in it before either oil starts to run out or massive environmental damage compels us to stop driving, so what’s the problem?

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One Response to Education is a right, is a right, is a right

  1. K says:

    So, you know how the great thing about Harry Potter is that it gets kids reading? Well, I think the great thing about the proposed road pricing scheme is that it introduces motorists to activism.

    Just as an endless diet of unabridged Dickens and Sir Baden-Powell can put a child off picking up a book – which is a Bad Thing – surely a 25-year campaign of featherbedding has put motorists off things like caring about politics. This petition is a tasty chunk of mashed potato cunningly mixed up with the mashed swede of dawning awareness. And the internet is the guiding hand with the spoon.”In the tunnel! Brrrm! Brrrm! In it goes! In it goes! Don’t turn your head away, you little shit.”

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