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I didn't see the fog-dirty valley

This morning someone had crept out before me to steal the whole valley in which the office resides. The borders of Witney were, if not clear as a bell, possessed of a spring-like translucency that meant I needed to wear … Continue reading

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Are these the right foras… for this sort of thing?

An illiterate buffoon with pretensions on the blogosphere writes: Forgive this trivial rant, but I really hate the use of the word “forums” as the plural of forum. I mean, come on folks, “fora” is a great word! Yet you … Continue reading

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Oxfrunged, 2007

Ultimately, Oxfringe turned out very well indeed. hatmandu and bluedevi have beaten me to the typewriter today, as a warm blanket of hangover and sleepiness has prevented me from reacting even to the minor emergencies I’ve had to deal with … Continue reading

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Stag bright

This morning the sky was literally cloudless, and blue like you see from an aeroplane. With my reddish-brown sunglasses on this made the view of the trees surreal, as though they were falsely three-dimensional: their tips were a vibrant red, … Continue reading

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You're my best friend

Trust networks never really work. These are semi-formal systems on the web where people nominate other people that they consider to have a particular relationship with: say, they trust them to look after their puppy. Then these new puppy-trustees each … Continue reading

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Where am I?

This week I’ll be attending as many literary things as I’m able. If anyone’s interested in meeting up, then feel free: my vanity domain now has an odious Twitter window on it which I’ll try to update with my whereabouts … Continue reading

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All the fun of the fear

It worries me that items from the Unnovations catalogue are being invented one by one. This week, Second Life implements version 0.1 of the

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Burning down The House

On Saturday I followed the herd and went to Luminox, the performance-arts event that took over Oxford’s Broad Street for three days. It’s difficult to describe the premise—vast numbers of ceramic pots and metal sculptures, all belching fire, but not … Continue reading

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Patron saint of falling-down drunk

An inspired moment when reading The San Patricio Limerick Festival produced: The features genetics have dealt Make me neither handsome nor svelte, But one thing I’ve seen On March-seventeen Is everyone’s suddenly Celt.

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Red noses all round

Comic Relief is upon us, making today, Red Nose Day, the least humorous day in the British calendar. I appreciate I’ve never been much of a joiner (actually, I am a joiner—well, a bit—but I’m easily bored and hence just … Continue reading

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