They also serve who stand and berate

Marcus Brigstocke is back at The Now Show:

… With a special message to all of the 1.8m or more of you that signed up to the anti-road pricing petition on the government website and say: grow up, you morons. Seriously, you big gang of gullible, whingeing saps: get a grip. If you’re listening to this on Friday and you’re trapped in your car in slow-moving traffic, and you’re one of the cwazy webels who took four seconds out of your busy email schedule to stick it to the man at Whitehall by adding your name to the register of nobs, then all I can say is I hope you’re still in the traffic jam when this is repeated on Saturday lunchtime.

Slightly more succinct than Mark Steel.

Honestly, these blinkered, unthinking authoritarians, dragging us into our sinister surveillance future: next thing you know we’ll have Noam Chomsky and Jeremy Hardy coming out against the petition and all will be lost. Why are all the clever people always on the left? In other news, welcome to Blair’s Britian, says John from Llandudno.

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One Response to They also serve who stand and berate

  1. For every name added to the petition, the road toll should go up by a penny. This is what happens when the alpha males allow lower-ranking primates to take liberties. Out of the goodness of your heart you give them democracy, a free press and the right to protest, and pretty soon they start to think they’re as good as the next man.

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