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Dude: I just laid a Reith

j4 asks for a word that adequately describes: the feeling you get when you’ve done something really badly (and taken a ridiculously long time over it) and then the person you did it for praises you and/or expresses gratitude, quite … Continue reading

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A long, circuitous journey

Hatmandu has a new bicycle. Because of the cost of the thing—ironically, he paid a good deal of the folding stuff for it, do you see what I did there—he naturally wants to know how best to prevent it being … Continue reading

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News flash: we've dismantled the patriarchy!

I stand corrected and astonished: K. tells me that Fran and Lynn chatted quite amicably on Friday’s show. This surprised her as much in the hearing as it did me in the hearing-said, so I wasn’t alone in my imaginings … Continue reading

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This age sucks: it's full of hipsters!

I was surprised, approaching my 30th birthday, to find myself thinking about my own mortality. I’ve tried very hard indeed to dissemble the event altogether; certainly I consciously played down the trepidation that started to fill my head at the … Continue reading

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Who then their frail mortality espies: our Lynn's on water; Alan's on Clark's Pies

Have any other early-morning Radio 2 listeners noticed the social tensions since John Marsh left, and was replaced by the younger and (to the elderly Wogan audience, at any rate) prettier Lynn Bowles? K. was the first in our household … Continue reading

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I plan on sleeping in

On Wednesday night K. and I had a chat about what we wanted to do at the weekend. Most time off work is sidetracked by the concerted efforts of panicked housekeeping, tedious shopping, and the pursuit of some ideal of … Continue reading

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Being bitten by your grammar is awfully hard on her gums

Dogs might return to their vomit, but it’s generally accepted that they’re more of a slave to their instincts than humans ought to be. We should know better. It’s even less advisable to return to someone else’s vomit—unless you’re a … Continue reading

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O dark dark dark

Death at my elbow yesterday, then. In the morning, a driver infuriated with a single-track road decided to squeeze past, clipping my handlebars and bumping my legs as he did so. If anyone sees a green, heavy-looking hatchback in the … Continue reading

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New Yatt City

On Sunday I walked with K. up to New Yatt, a small village some two miles from Witney. We were hoping to tramp from there, across fields and the A4095, to Cogges Wood. But as we sat down in the … Continue reading

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I got better

Well, that was a lovely weekend, until the bout of some quasi-mononucleotic virus that laid me low from yesterday evening until a few hours ago. I’ve had the muffleheadedness of a cold, but with almost no outward symptoms: my sinuses … Continue reading

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