Never Jam today

After a wee drink or three in its confines last night with K, j4 and addedentry, I can heartily recommend the bizarre pub/restaurant/arts-collective crossover that is The Jam Factory. With décor from Modern Art Oxford or Ovada, beer from somewhere like Copa crossed with a decent pub (Cotswold lagers on draught), and free olives if you stick around for more than one drink, it was astonishingly still almost empty. Admittedly it was a Monday, but addedentry tells me it’s just as quiet at the weekend.

If you’re in or around Oxford, give it a try quick before it inevitably closes. Also, it’ll distract all the waiting staff, each of whom felt it was their own responsibility to make sure we were fed and watered, several times during the course of our meal. It’s always the only children that get too much attention, though.

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2 Responses to Never Jam today

  1. Thanks for the recommendation, hope you enjoyed your visit.

    It was admittedly quiet in the early days but we’ve built up quite a following now. We’re still here, 4 years and counting.
    Have you been back since 2007?

    Jam Factory

  2. sbalb says:

    Good heavens. Someone’s been vanity-googling…!

    I’ve been back a fair few times, and been to a few events there: it’s even hosted my friends’ wedding reception.

    I’m really pleased to see the JF become so successful and yet still remain fairly offbeat. There’s hope for Oxford’s venues yet.

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