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The value of made things

I’ve spent a couple of hours looking for a durable, high-capacity alternative for my iPod, and come to the conclusion that one simply doesn’t exist. A reasonably well constructed Flash-based mp3 player would suffice, were it not for the fact … Continue reading

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Coming out of Cowes, forwards

I’m back from our sailing trip, and I’m not dead. A few days ago this was all I was wishing for, really: ending up in the Solent in my post-influenza state would’ve left me a bag of shivers and rattling … Continue reading

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How storms whirl us off course

You can actually lose a whole week to quite minor illness, I’ve found. But I’ve been told by a few people that, from the stress I was feeling, I was probably fighting off this nasty bout of fevers and headaches … Continue reading

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Crossed wires

Yesterday I woke with bike repairs in mind. I’d probably even dreamt about the frankly undesirable gear-cable fitting that was ahead of me. As I lay in bed, though, twinges in my lower spine—I am over 30, after all—prompted me … Continue reading

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Your eyes can scan as badly as your stanzas

Walker Reading Technologies say there’s something unreadable about large blocks of text. Not only have they got research to prove it, but by an uncanny coincidence they have a product to reformat text on your screen so it’s readable! Say … Continue reading

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I see one of the most tedious (yet admittedly pretty) gastropubs in Oxford has burnt down (from i_ludicrous). That’s what you get for causing havoc with your ley lines. How sad to see this happen once again. Oh, when will … Continue reading

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One Sonnet Per Child

With perfect timing, rgl gave me a Trophy of Perpetual Futility immediately before cartoon heroine Girl gave cartoon curmudgeon Cat a Surprise Party. I’m sure he’ll be glad to know that every time I sit and contemplate my new mantlepiece … Continue reading

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Deer prudence

I saw a deer nearly get flattened this morning. It was a full-grown muntjac, a slab of speckled brown muscle that easly could’ve wrestled me if it hadn’t been so timid. It came hurtling from far over the fields to … Continue reading

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We know what we know, and deny what we deny

(Letter to the LRB, sent 24 April 2007, unpublished) Dear Ms Wilmers, Re: Letters, LRB 29/8 (26 April 2007) In an attempt to play down the global scientific consensus on climate change, Louis Harovitz employs philosophy of science with cavalier … Continue reading

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Traitor to my demographic

My iPod has finally died, and I may have had a hand in killing it. Semiconductors shouldn’t get that hot. It was something of a kindness, though, as it’s been intermittently rubbish for nearly a year now (starting shortly after … Continue reading

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