Your eyes can scan as badly as your stanzas

Walker Reading Technologies say there’s something unreadable about large blocks of text. Not only have they got research to prove it, but by an uncanny coincidence they have a product to reformat text on your screen so it’s readable! Say goodbye to unreadable-text blues for good—even if you never really said hello.

There are days, of course, when one’s eyes are so tired by constant VDU use (oh, harking back to the terminology in COSHH regulations of the early ’90s!) that any crowd of characters starts to swim in front of your eyes like a wordsearch. Of course, except in emergency situations that demand either Pro Plus or that Lemsip that turns you into a business-conducting machine (or if you have an actual medical condition like dyslexia, making a nod to the poised lurkers there), that’s normally a signal that you should turn off your computer. Reading complex paragraphs, like comprehending complex arguments, is difficult: it takes training, skill and immediate, personal resources like time and effort. When you reduce the complexity of the object of apprehension, you’re not necessarily dealing with the same problem any more.

More worryingly, from the screenshots this product seems to be a way of turning any given page into prose poetry. I can’t help feel that a lot of poet wannabes will find themselves out of a job when this software hits the shelves. Goodness knows what sort of a drag unemployed artists will exert on the already slowing western economy. Expect another rate rise, is my advice.

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