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We wanna be free to do what we wanna do

A pair of bleating morons, both caught in the act of wantonly and selfishly breaking the law, blithely confused rights and responsibilities today. Thankfully some lawyers put them straight, although Mr Francis, an idiot, was heard saying later “The fight … Continue reading

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We are all in the jazz and easy-listening department, but some of us are looking up at the white labels

Those who like their chains to not look like chains might blanch at the news that Fopp are in serious trouble. Certainly I’d rather the branch at the corner of Gloc Green was a Fopp than a HMV or Virgin, … Continue reading

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BBC takes great idea; makes hash

Hearing that a new series of The Now Show had begun, I didn’t worry overmuch about tuning in at the requisite time: after all, that’s one of the joys of subscribing to a podcast, the reliability of their download. So … Continue reading

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Organic Fruitbox for president

I just received an email in my work inbox saying “Organic Fruitbox”. I think it was the capital F that did for me: we’ve got a few summer temps starting here, after all, and I don’t keep up with the … Continue reading

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Case closed

Anyone wondering whatever happened to the proceedings following this particular misadventure might like to know that the defendant changed his plea this morning, after turning up late to the magistrates’ court, and we did not even have to testify.

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Hard ethics make bad criticism

Over on Blairwatch, a detractor of the smoking ban manages to lift himself up wheezily on his elbows for long enough to type a rather brief post including the following: The rest of the time [Chiswick Railway Station]’s as open … Continue reading

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Three inches forward, two inches back

As part of my ongoing one-upmanship with the employee of the local record shop (utterly unbeknownst to him, I’m sure) I took in a semi-rare CD of Les Savy Fav yesterday to let be played/show off. Rather tactlessly, this might … Continue reading

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