Oh, Mardi Gras!

I’m going off to stay where it’s awfully great to be gay
I’m going to a place that’ll put a big smile on my face
I’m gonna see people dance in a fabulous way
I can’t wait for you, oh Mardi Gras!

I’m gonna make me up so I’ll get in the next Gay Times
I’m gonna dress me up in peacock-blues and limes
They always seem to set off my marv’lously shadowed eyes
I can’t wait for you, oh Mardi Gras!

Bringing a friend along
Dressed in a leather thong
Singing some disco songs
At Mardi Gras
I’m gonna dance along

Tell me:
  do you really think that sequins add a bit of class?
Tell me:
  enough of arguing about Jake Shears’s ass
I really need a drink
  after pumping our fists at all the floats going past
I’m gonna sink a few at Mardi Gras!
I really need to go

I may just never go back again to my daily grind
But take advantage of my new gay state of mind
(And maybe of the guy to my right with a cute behind!)
I can’t get enough of Mardi Gras!

I’m never going home
Ain’t gonna be alone
You’re just a world apart, oh Mardi Gras!

You’re just a world apart
I’ll make a brand new start
Here with my big gay heart
And my big gay part

I’m gonna have a ball
And what is best of all
I know the club DJ
And he said he’ll play

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