Three inches forward, two inches back

As part of my ongoing one-upmanship with the employee of the local record shop (utterly unbeknownst to him, I’m sure) I took in a semi-rare CD of Les Savy Fav yesterday to let be played/show off. Rather tactlessly, this might be the first reminder and admission to rgl in ages that I still have what I think is his copy of Inches.

Anyway, along with letting John Peel Lapel Badge have a listen and eyeful of that (I knew from an earlier open-deck evening that he’d not heard of it, haha!) I was also armed with the knowledge of a smashing Mark E Smith collaboration I’d heard on the radio, called something like Von Sudafed (sic). It consisted of vintage Smith slurred shouting over some uncompromisingly heavy industro-electronica until all artists involved ceased playing at once, presumably collapsing back on their individual sofas, utterly spent. Anyway, this extra string to my racquet might not yet let me claw back the game, but I’d be more on form to win the next set.

Sadly, JPLB wasn’t around: according to the ridiculously young-looking member of staff he was on his lunch break (it was about half four). Not only that, but as I perused the racks of what I think they call “special offers”—this is code for obscure and unusual alternative artists that won’t sell anywhere else in the shop, and not with any particular discount to justify the “offer” part—I saw at my 6′ 2″ eye level a copy of “Von Südenfed: Tromatic Reflexxions“. Put there especially for me, I’d wager. Goldarnit.

(A good album, though; he wrote, implicitly acknowledging his all-too-human weakness for a bit of the alt.)

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2 Responses to Three inches forward, two inches back

  1. Andrew says:

    If you like, you’ll probably also…

    (Radical Connector by Mouse on Mars, the German IDM duo who make up two thirds of Von Benadryl.)

  2. sbalb says:

    I’ve always been a fan of the Von Bondies. I will have to look up Mouse on Mars, though. They’re presumably the two on the cover of Tromatic Reflexxions that look less like a blind carpenter’s thumb than MES. And not, I can only hope, any of the three on the back cover.

    You should get yourself an RSS feed, by the way. I can swear by them, and indeed often do so in a capable and Anglo-Saxon manner.

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