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West Oxfordshire is closed for the duration

If you were running a national bus company, and you had a website, and there were disastrous floods that might disrupt services, and people would want to know what was going on… what would you do? Well, at the time … Continue reading

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Come and have a Gaia if you think you're hard enough

At Heathrow, 141 flights were cancelled as air traffic controllers grounded aircraft in the worst of the downpours. I noticed this during those heavy, unseasonal fogs we had just before Christmas too: largely because some of my family were trying … Continue reading

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Reflections on an enormous puddle

(Originally written during the previous floods: still, I hope, relevant.) You ignored all the warnings About global warming (Or climate change as we now call it) You dismissed the statistics As myth told by mystics In favour of cramming your … Continue reading

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Postponement of music festivals imminentizes Eschaton

The Truck Festival has been postponed till the weekend of September 22, as much of the site is flooded to a depth of several feet. Poor juggzy is currently being rescued from a similarly several feet of water in which … Continue reading

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Who wants that honey?

The new Smashing Pumpkins album has pitted my no-sell-out mentality against my desire to avoid nostalgia for its own sake, against my wish for Billy Corgan to write a decent, whistleable album (Courtney Love managed that, if nothing else, with … Continue reading

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Turn on; tune in; rest yer legs

I went to a gig at The Jericho (with optional Tavern) last night: one of the bands I’d seen before (and contains a friend and co-worker); one of them I missed as I had to catch my bus home; the … Continue reading

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Stop me before I pet again

Hatmandu posts a picture of summery ecstasy, that makes me wish I were a cat. It must be something in the air. This morning the office dog, who normally treats me with the sort of amiable disdain that animals reserve … Continue reading

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What the Truck?

This post consists of a request for information and an offer of transport, rather thinly dressed up as reflective autobiography. For all my insisting that I’m vaguely obsessed with the indie/alternative, this year I will be attending my first Truck. … Continue reading

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I could have heard one of these songs first

Dear Stuart Maconie, Thank you. I’d heard about Nick Drake before, but to be honest I wouldn’t have been able to tell him and Neil Young apart. I mean, I’d never heard any of his music, but I’d heard a … Continue reading

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Badgerous George

Out of curiosity, prompted by this story about badgers, I searched YouTube for any film of this stripey menace. “Basra” would be too specific, I thought, so I searched for “badger iraq”. At the time of going to press, the … Continue reading

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