Boy, they suck

David Cameron and George Michael were at the Carbury festival:

‘That’s what we want, isn’t it? Government approved rock n’ roll? Don’t you want to be at a concert one night, look to your right and see Dan fucking Quayle right next to you, man? You know you’re partying then, you know you’re on the edge! “Fuck it, the Quayle-Monster’s here, there ain’t no going back! We might be up to eleven tonight, fuck this!” “We’re rock stars who do Pepsi-Cola commercials!” (sucking) Luckily, Satan’s dick has many heads…’

Is Jon Culshaw really the closest that this generation has to Bill Hicks? Even Dom Joly was there.

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3 Responses to Boy, they suck

  1. Hatmandu says:

    Joly lives in the Cotswolds, so presumably drove his 4×4 there… Sigh.

  2. sbalb says:

    Is his 4×4 enormous and inflatable and the size of a house? Oh, maybe I’m thinking of his fat head.

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