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Tiny rocks in their heads

Since the floods, the cycle cut-through between the Ballardesque gated development on the Burford Road and the roundabout on the Hailey Road has been somewhat dangerous. Some parts of the path surface have been washed away, which makes the road … Continue reading

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If it's stationery, why is it moving around so much?

I seemed to be tempting fate with my laughingly morbid post yesterday, as I was nearly wiped out by Margaret L Johnson (stationer’s) on the bend by the Bird-in-Hand pub this morning. Their van—well, the person in charge of their … Continue reading

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Pisgwyn ferch Lies!

My word. Where did those two weeks go? I’m not actually dead, in case you were wondering: but there is now a nascent second Pocketful of Lies in the offing. And my in-laws have a nearly complete site for their … Continue reading

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No wonder I can't talk properly until after I get out of bed

This morning Sarah Kennedy told us how she’d had to miss David Suchet and a wonderful cast perform in, perform in, perform in the Haymarket Theatre, because she had a case of the gripes. I don’t see why that was … Continue reading

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What have you nicked recently?

Last night, Stuart Maconie’s guest Caitlin Moran (oh, you know, wrote for Melody Maker when she was 16 or something, makes a big deal about once deciding on the wrong pronunciation for her name, ho ho ho) told a humorous … Continue reading

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