Pisgwyn ferch Lies!

My word. Where did those two weeks go? I’m not actually dead, in case you were wondering: but there is now a nascent second Pocketful of Lies in the offing. And my in-laws have a nearly complete site for their cottage in Brittany, almost a year after I first registered the domain.

Robert Shaw, on the other hand, is very much actually dead, dying 29 years today. I saw him go; it was terrible, with one foot on that live rail and the other in the gaping maw of a great white. After what happened to Llew you’d have expected environmental health to step in.

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3 Responses to Pisgwyn ferch Lies!

  1. argle says:

    Of Shaw, Wikipedia claims that A Wetherspoon’s Pub has been named after him in his home town. which seems a cruel fate. Mind you, it also says that he died on the 28th rather than the 22nd.

  2. argle says:

    Ooops… There were supposed to be quotation marks around that quotation in my previous comment. I put them in with the HTML q element, and the posting preview indicated that these wouldn’t be swallowed, but it seems they have been…

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