If it's stationery, why is it moving around so much?

I seemed to be tempting fate with my laughingly morbid post yesterday, as I was nearly wiped out by Margaret L Johnson (stationer’s) on the bend by the Bird-in-Hand pub this morning.

Their van—well, the person in charge of their van, lest we forget that vehicles don’t behave like tossers on their own—overtook me in the path, nay! the teeth of oncoming traffic. Who would have predicted a possible hazard around a blind bend with a sign before it explaining “caution: bend”? Who would’ve thought it? Well, not this chap. It’s a good job my latest bicycle has slightly smaller wheels, as otherwise I don’t think he’d have been able to swerve back into the space available without some sort of death occurring.

Speaking of which, the van probably wasn’t actually driven by Margaret L Johnson, as I’m fairly certain from local conversations that she (like Robert Shaw before her) is both late and lamented. If you can hear me, Margaret, ask Robert when he actually copped it, will you?

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