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CarZoLingAcaDiac has a ring to it, doesn't it?

Attention, Oxford musical types! If you’re not calling the new Carling Academy The CarDiac by the end of the month, you’re nobody. (Obligatory ptui: Carling, o tempura, o vegetables, où sont les boîtes d’antan etc?)

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An attempt to silence a hornet's nest with a stick

For those of you not following the goings-on of the British politico-blogging scene (and I’m aware my audience isn’t as interested as I am), Arsenal part-owner Alisher Usmanov has hired lawyers Schillings to threaten Craig Murray’s website into nonexistence. It’s … Continue reading

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This house is not my home

A rather nasty surprise last night: our landlord is unable to renew the lease on December 4. It sounds like he’s having financial woes, and at least he’s given us notice: in principle he needn’t have given us any, as … Continue reading

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eBay the letter

Taking the temperature of the waters of our networked youth, I find that people are very much cooling on Facebook. But tomorrow’s hot prospect, if the conversations which K. eavesdrops on when on the bus to Oxford provide any kind … Continue reading

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Truck X: live blog

I recorded an ad-hoc live blog of Truck this weekend, using Twitter. Owing to technical problems and decency of the hour some messages could not be sent through the service: the times for these are in italics and brackets. Saturday … Continue reading

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Get a hat-hunter

Don’t laugh, but I was headhunted last week. There’s a company in London that, for the sake of protecting the innocent i.e. yours faithfully, we’ll call Ashton Carthorse. They don’t actually work with horses, so that should throw you off … Continue reading

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If it quacks like a duck

It’s great to see Amy Winehouse receiving her due at the Music Of Duck Origin awards last night. Nobody has done more to promote anatidine and duckroots music than Winehouse, and her recent troubles didn’t prevent her from being on … Continue reading

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I grow cold, I grow cold; I shall wear the bottoms of my shoes twice-soled

Autumn passed through here rather briskly yesterday—not Sunday as others had it—and the cycle ride home was far colder than the journey into work. The low sun and cold temperatures are making us feel rather wintry, never mind autumnal (of … Continue reading

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It's not a thankless task if it's part of your job

A busy few weeks with a minimal amount to show for it. My in-laws’ website has gone live, which is a weight off my time, if not my mind. After checking it up, down and every which way, I found … Continue reading

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Wee shall overcome

Yesterday, while waiting for my bike to be repaired in one of the nearest decent cycle shops to Witney (i.e. Oxford), I had a few hours of free time in which to rattle round in the city centre. Luckily I’d … Continue reading

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