It's not a thankless task if it's part of your job

A busy few weeks with a minimal amount to show for it. My in-laws’ website has gone live, which is a weight off my time, if not my mind. After checking it up, down and every which way, I found it looked appalling in IE6. Guess which browser my in-laws use. My ex-driving instructor’s website has yet to go live, and has turned into a minor pain: avoid clients who only know what they want when they see that what they’ve got isn’t it, I suggest. Previously agreed payment might eventually only cover my laptop’s electricity usage. After converting a ropey set of templates to something looking half decent, I found that they looked… appalling… in… IE6. Guess which browser my instructor uses. Go on, guess.

Between a two-day conference last weekend, and hoping to plan a new collection of short stories for this Christmas, and pressure from my boss to organise a certain local geek event, something had to give, and it was with a heavy heart that, after I promised my time and effort to hatmandu to help get some betweentimes literary fringe events started, I then had to renege on that promise. I don’t, I have to remind myself sometimes, live in Oxford any more.

Still, mixed blessings on the geek event front. I’ve had sanction from my employers to make it an official part of my job. While this means I do actually have to organise it, at the same time I get just under an hour a day at work to do that in, and therefore don’t have to do much of it in my spare time. I’ve turned a foot-dragging, misery-making guilt trip and passing-the-planning-buck into a proper project with time demarcated and less mooching around at home. If only France got this sort of deal when it capitulated, then it would do it more oft- oh.

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