If it quacks like a duck

It’s great to see Amy Winehouse receiving her due at the Music Of Duck Origin awards last night. Nobody has done more to promote anatidine and duckroots music than Winehouse, and her recent troubles didn’t prevent her from being on fine singing form later on, quacking and squawking her way through a couple of songs in a way which conjured up, for me anyway, the great duck musicians from the past two or three generations. Not since John Lee Ducker have we seen such a honking, clattering talent.

There’s been a lot of comment in the press recently about how the MODOs promote some sort of tokenism. They’ve even been termed “duckist” (by Steve Laquac, no less), a pejorative term which tries to call into question the very principle of collecting together such a wide range of genres under such a wide and nonspecific term as “duck music.” Such detractors clearly don’t understand the prevailing speciesism in the music industry, and have never themselves fallen prey to prejudice, unfair sidelining, or a fox. It’s all very well for badgers, squirrels, geese and other woodland and lakeland creatures of merit to complain about favouritism from their ivory burrows: but maybe, in the spirit of common understanding, they should read a little history before commenting quite so hastily.

Well done, Amy. You’re keeping the spirit of Wil Cwac Cwac alive.

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2 Responses to If it quacks like a duck

  1. argle says:

    Wot no Duck Ellington joke?

  2. sbalb says:

    Not authentic enough: it was a real letdown for me, the day my mum told me he wasn’t a real duck.

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