BBC takes hash; makes the right decision for once

At last! Someone at the BBC has trumped the anti-technological and largely incomprehensible form of ACOL bidding that has informed their online-content policy for the past few years, starting with RealPlayer, moving through the iPlayer fiasco, and ending up with magically terminating podcast trial periods. However brief that success might be, it should be celebrated, because The News Quiz and The Now Show are now on the same podcast. When one lets it drop, the other picks up that eternal golden braid, otherwise known as Alan Coren’s combover.

The notion of a “Friday night comedy slot” was clearly the only way they could sell it to the management: the audience were already quite capable of understanding how a (disbelieving posho announcer voice) pod-cohst behaves. But at least sell it they have done, and I can just let my computer download show after show for a long time to come. The BBC may be slow to move, but by gum it’s even slower at changing direction.

One minor gripe: rather than just use the podcast feed we were all already subscribed to, they’ve set up a new feed with (as far as I can tell) no obvious redirect. The last post on the Now Show podcast is the same as the first on the Friday Night podcast, but doesn’t tell you about the switch. So near, but let’s not complain that it’s yet so far: it could just be that iTunes doesn’t honour redirects (I haven’t checked) and at least we have the content now. Even if they had to get bin Laden to sign a waiver.

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2 Responses to BBC takes hash; makes the right decision for once

  1. Colin says:

    Acol is a place in Kent.

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