It looks like up to me

I’ve been away from this blog for sufficiently long that one of my home computer’s browsers has forgotten it existed. That’s tantamount to shameful neglect on my part, and it’s only owing to rumours that Social Services have begun to make a move that I’ve come back. However, circumstances dictate that this is largely a flying visit, as I explain below.

For the past few weeks we have been sorting out a new place to live: we’ve found one, in a tiny, backward village of Morris-dancers and renting flood-victims. Substantially closer to Oxford (less than five miles to the outermost villages of that conurbation) it’s also a little further from work; but the compromise is on the whole a good one. And while there’s little or no furniture therein, the house is bigger and should let us separate entertaining from living from working a little more. And it’s actually available to rent, unlike our current location. Bless our landlord, though, who gave us two months’ notice more than he contractually had to (i.e. zero) and offered us glowing references. If I thought he was going to rent in the future, rather than possibly drop into the relative penury that I’ve wished for years on our previous landlord, the Useless Simon, then I’d recommend him to all my friends.

For the next two weeks we’ll be on holiday in Spain. Well, first we’ll spend nearly two days travelling from the wilds east of Oxford to the wilds south of Barcelona entirely by land transport, via London Waterloo and Paris Gare d’Austerlitz: that double A-side of performances by Napoleon in first a minor then a major key. Of course, he actually released them the other way round first off, but the producer reckoned he should end on a high note instead. Then, however, do keep up, we will actually reside in Spain, until close to the end of October.

My parents don’t quite trust the elves and faeries that they presumably believe make up internet provision, so I in turn can’t trust them to have a fantastically stable setup that I can immediately plug into there. By which roundabout methods I mean to say: don’t expect any posts. Or emails. Phone calls I might manage. In an emergency I recommend lighting fires on the tops of Martello towers.

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1 Response to It looks like up to me

  1. looby says:

    Hope you enjoy the trip. And being out of touch for a while.

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