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Tomorrow night I make a fool of myself

Tomorrow night is the fourth of our occasional geek socials, and I will spend it running around like a loon. There’s some excellent speakers on, actually: we’ll be discussing mySociety and the Pylons web framework. And the microslots are a … Continue reading

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Our house is a very, very, very odd house

Our new place is all right, by the way. Moving out of the old one was always going to be stressful psychologically: we simply did not want to leave. But the new neighbours are genial, and the village is quaint … Continue reading

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Wherever I lay my head

We have a futon. Thanks to Witney Freecycle (a group which, until recently, had very little Google juice) and the fact that anything advertised as needing some assembly or DIY is almost invariably ignored by the crowd of vocal Freecycle … Continue reading

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If the cap fits

Our village, crime capital of Oxfordshire! I’m not joking: since we moved here the car’s petrol has been siphoned. I came to it yesterday morning to find drops of fuel spreading like infinitely thin jellyfish near the back of the … Continue reading

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A brief demonstration

Ten minutes later: this, this, this and this.

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Rank my lolcat!

hatmandu mentioned recently that I have strong Google-fu under certain circumstances; he’s also witnessed the ability of his own LiveJournal to draw in the search rankings. I think all we’re seeing is that Google’s algorithms still work well with trusted, … Continue reading

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Wireless Free Europe

Well, I’m here. More or less. Neither BT nor Eclipse managed to ruin the movage of our internets. It might have been possible, even without a homegrown web, to surf the MySpace using something my wireless card has spotted called … Continue reading

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