Wireless Free Europe

Well, I’m here. More or less. Neither BT nor Eclipse managed to ruin the movage of our internets.

It might have been possible, even without a homegrown web, to surf the MySpace using something my wireless card has spotted called Liberty Europe Network. It purports to broadcast from number 63, and frankly from its name alone sounds like a porn channel. Can you get pornographic wireless networking? If so, then I consider myself fortunate: such an arrangement would have brought about loss of my dignity, with concomitant shaking of booty a meagre recompense.

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2 Responses to Wireless Free Europe

  1. Tez Burke says:

    The name sounds more like a bulletin board for Objectivists than a porn channel to my ears, though there are many who’d think “same difference”.

  2. sbalb says:

    Contrary to popular opinion, the adjective “randy” has nothing to do with the author.

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