Rank my lolcat!

hatmandu mentioned recently that I have strong Google-fu under certain circumstances; he’s also witnessed the ability of his own LiveJournal to draw in the search rankings. I think all we’re seeing is that Google’s algorithms still work well with trusted, coherent content (false positives notwithstanding).

There’s no easy way to cash in on it, Hat, so I wouldn’t worry: such commercialization necessary saps your Google juice. The company K. used to work at had a business model consisting of search engine optimization in one end and clickthroughs out the other—effectively, a transparent wrapper around the thing you’re actually looking to buy. Eventually they found themselves to be just one layer in an infinite workflow onion, consisting of company after company doing the same thing. Potential consumers lost patience, reduced to tears by webskin after webskin, each purporting to be one peeling away from the core product that they wanted to buy, and instead went to Froogle and other trusted sites. When Google rejigged its ranking algorithm nearly three years ago the business folded within six months.

And besides, nobody has yet worked out how to monetize lolcats (apart from kittydoom, who is “merely” selling macro T-shirts), so how you’d make wonga on Googlewhacks is beyond me.

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