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It seemed like a lot more at the time

Tradition has it that at this time of the year the commentator or bloviator should, in place of new ideas, provide a retrospective on the events of the past twelve months. The writer or broadcaster should provide references to the … Continue reading

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The wisdom of crowds

As I disappear for a few days for family festivities, I’d like to leave you with this final thought. Technology is changing all our lives. What was impossible a few years ago is now not merely possible but quite straightforward. … Continue reading

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Christmas tagging order

Thanks to the tagtion of the Poet Laura-eate, you must all sit through the following meme. When people say ‘Christmas,’ you immediately think “Where will we be this year? Where will all the people I care about be? How can … Continue reading

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Unwanted visitors

Along with the geometrical progression of neighbourliness from Oxford through Witney to Eynsham, it seems that small villages also have a much greater class of verminous interloper. The bane of our previous house was the spider, and although I’d happily … Continue reading

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The Brand leading the band

First I really, really disliked him. Then I couldn’t see the point. Then I could stand his radio show in the background, but was incapable of dealing with the trailers for it. Now, as 2007 comes to an end, I’ve … Continue reading

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Over the past few days I have had one-way communications (letters, emails) from Eclipse in the following chronological order. I insert the actual service status in italics: (service live at new house) Your house transfer of your old service should … Continue reading

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Whereof I didn't speak, I must remain ignorant

Thoughts on my own verbosity: I write and I write. I live in fear of the forgetfulness that takes up residence in the absence of writing. I don’t have other people’s memory for dates abstracted, but have to put them … Continue reading

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What's he building in there?

The master copy of Stones and Bones is hot off the presses: you can read excerpts from the finished booklet here. If that convinces you that it might be worth having on your mantlepiece this yuletide, then you have until … Continue reading

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Broadband humour

Well, someone spoke too soon. The only service provider that wasn’t utterly confused by our house move, Eclipse, managed to cancel the broadband at both our new and old addresses simultaneously. While we had that seamless transition, those heady two … Continue reading

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A novel proposal

Jonathan Jones refutes the charges against Heart of Darkness, but I’ve never really been convinced there’s a case to answer at all. In paragraph 38 of the original essay by Chinua Achebe lies the oft-quoted (by Jones too) complaint of: … Continue reading

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