What's he building in there?

The master copy of Stones and Bones is hot off the presses: you can read excerpts from the finished booklet here. If that convinces you that it might be worth having on your mantlepiece this yuletide, then you have until perhaps this weekend to give us your details, before we go to print all copies. We’ll print more than we need, of course, but we can only guarantee delivery in the Christmas post for people who get their addresses to us by this weekend.

I’m tired. I’d like to say “tired but happy,” but I won’t be happy this side of the fonts working properly just (points) here. See?

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2 Responses to What's he building in there?

  1. It would be nice to have a short story telling evening sometime locally. Perhaps sometime in 2008. I think we’d probably all need a rehearsal reading first to make sure everyone’s mic skills were passable. Any thoughts?

  2. sbalb says:

    That’d be lovely. We had two elements to Oxfringe last year, which were a speaker event (15 mins each for 6 booked speakers) followed by an open-mic event (5 minutes each for in the end around a dozen volunteers). This could be somewhere in between.

    The difficulty is making it elitist in the sense of elite being a standard we want to achieve, while avoiding being cliquey or divisive. The open-mic approach lends itself to mad people taking over.

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