Christmas tagging order

Thanks to the tagtion of the Poet Laura-eate, you must all sit through the following meme.

When people say ‘Christmas,’ you immediately think

“Where will we be this year? Where will all the people I care about be? How can I make as many of those places the same?”

Favourite Christmas memory

Watching my future in-laws and my parents getting roaring drunk together in a bar in Spain. When one started singing a Gracie Fields song I realised that they would all get on just fine.

Favourite Christmas song

Certainly nothing by Gracie Fields. I love them all, except … Two Front Teeth and some of the hootier operatic stuff like The Birthday of a King. I devour the rest, a daily diet, beginning on the first of December.

Favourite Christmas movie

They’re mostly awful, aren’t they? I ought to say It’s a Wonderful Life, but I’m going to confound my demographic and say any version of A Christmas Carol. From the Muppets version through George Cole to Alastair Sim, but omitting Mickey Mouse: I have my middle-class pride.

Favourite Christmas character

Anyone who makes the effort to give you a broader smile or a warmer hello. Anyone who helps someone onto a bus in the cold.

Favourite Christmas object

The present you dream of and hope for, even though it’s never the one you get.

Plans for Christmas

Hitching a ride on the bumbling fun-bus that’s fuelling my parents’ convoluted Christmas carom around the British Isles, and letting them take us to my in-laws and back.

Is Christmas your favourite holiday?

Christmas isn’t a holiday. It’s a state of mind.

Right. hatmandu, looby and crb: it’s your turn. I feel dirty now, and must go and wash.

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5 Responses to Christmas tagging order

  1. looby says:

    I hope you don’t mind an answer in the comments box. I’m afraid even for a good internet-friend I can’t put a meme on my blog.

    When people say ‘Christmas,’ you immediately think

    Of central heating, and calculating the earliest possible polite point I can suggest we go down the pub to escape it.

    Favourite Christmas memory

    Walking round Ealing with Kirsty and Pevsner on Christmas Day about 12 years ago, before the children arrived; or last year, which was the first for years I had a decent Christmas holiday and standing at the bar in my local from 1 till 7 on December 23rd gettting drunk on alcohol and the bliss of knowing that I wasn’t required to work again till the 3rd or 4th Jan.

    Favourite Christmas song

    There’s a song called It’s A Cold Cold Winter In The Ghetto by one of my favourite soul singers Randy Brown. It’s maudlin and involves a child saying “Never mind papa”, and fails intellectually to grasp the social issue it hints at. But there’s a irresistibly seductive quality about Brown’s voice and the arrangement. I know it sounds pretentious, but it gets me reaching for my Barthes and listening for “grain”, “jouissance” and “plaisir”.

    Favourite Christmas film

    That’s a tough one. Perhaps Les Temps d’Emploi, which is a brilliant Swiss-French film about a man who struggles to maintain the fiction that he’s a well-paid at the UN. Christmas is a time for facades to crack and for fractures to deepen into chasms. And there’s a lot of snow in it.

    Favourite Christmas character

    I quite like Page Three girls in Santa costumes. We all have our weaknesses.

    The present you dream of and hope for, even though it’s never the one you get.

    The shared recognition amongst everyone I know that we could have a much better Christmas if we ditched the cards and the plastic tat, the shopping and the works do’s, and just got together for some drinks and some nice food.

    Plans for Christmas

    Well, I only get two days off at Christmas, but it will be with my children. They’re 9 the day before Christmas and it’s always interesting watching the progress as they disabuse themselves of the idea of Father Christmas.

    Is Christmas your favourite holiday?

    It’s not a holiday. To be honest, if my circumstances were different, I’d fly away to some warm Muslim country where I’d sit reading for a fortnight, then come back when it’s all over.

  2. Hatmandu says:

    Bah, humbug.

  3. sbalb says:

    Honestly. Between crb’s “I’ll need a good few months’ lead time on this”, looby’s scurrying into the comments and hatmandu’s humbuggery, you’re all a terrible disappointment. What would your mother say?

    (At least it does mean we finish this, here….)

  4. I do apologise for the meme J-P, but I enjoyed your answers. And did you know over 70% of the population are still missing the joy of blogs in their lives?

    Ah a life. How I miss it!

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