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My stomach is a leather bowl full of tiny tabloid dice

I’m the only person I know who can leave the doctor feeling substantially worse than when I arrived, for no good therapeutic reason. Trying to heave a frankly featherweight rucksack onto my shoulder, I overbent my elbow and seem to … Continue reading

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2 out of 365 ain't bad

Further to yesterday’s post, I was passed by a Fire Service van again on Cuckoo Lane this morning: OE52 YGG. Obviously I can’t tell whether or not it was the same one as was careering its way over the Cotswolds … Continue reading

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Road safety: 365, but not at 0822 this morning

365 Alive is a campaign the Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service is conducting to battle the twin evils of fire and, er, bad driving. A clear example of external categorisation based on an organization’s internal procedures there. But the campaign … Continue reading

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We built this Sadville on rock and roll

Saturday saw me largely confined to the house with my bad back, which meant I missed a party in London and was feeling particularly fed up. I decided, rather impulsively, to drink something and wander round the internet. Only at … Continue reading

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Back, to its future

Lumbar complaints are always derided by CBI-sponsored reporting as a skiver’s charter. Of course, someone will always game a given system, and a bad back is almost as hard to falsify as it is to prove. But what always confuses … Continue reading

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Big Bum Corporation

This might disappear, of course, (or the image be replaced, so the joke will cease to be funny) so it’s worth quoting a bit of it here: Scrabble makers are claiming intellectual property theft … Facebook told the PA newswire … Continue reading

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Carthorsing around

I’ve had another close encounter with a carthorse. Yes, my dear friend Ron from Ashton Carthorse rang me again, but I just couldn’t get to the mobile in time. You know how it is with old buddies: he was going … Continue reading

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