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My stomach is a leather bowl full of tiny tabloid dice

I’m the only person I know who can leave the doctor feeling substantially worse than when I arrived, for no good therapeutic reason. Trying to heave a frankly featherweight rucksack onto my shoulder, I overbent my elbow and seem to … Continue reading

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2 out of 365 ain't bad

Further to yesterday’s post, I was passed by a Fire Service van again on Cuckoo Lane this morning: OE52 YGG. Obviously I can’t tell whether or not it was the same one as was careering its way over the Cotswolds … Continue reading

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Road safety: 365, but not at 0822 this morning

365 Alive is a campaign the Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service is conducting to battle the twin evils of fire and, er, bad driving. A clear example of external categorisation based on an organization’s internal procedures there. But the campaign … Continue reading

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We built this Sadville on rock and roll

Saturday saw me largely confined to the house with my bad back, which meant I missed a party in London and was feeling particularly fed up. I decided, rather impulsively, to drink something and wander round the internet. Only at … Continue reading

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Back, to its future

Lumbar complaints are always derided by CBI-sponsored reporting as a skiver’s charter. Of course, someone will always game a given system, and a bad back is almost as hard to falsify as it is to prove. But what always confuses … Continue reading

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Big Bum Corporation

This might disappear, of course, (or the image be replaced, so the joke will cease to be funny) so it’s worth quoting a bit of it here: Scrabble makers are claiming intellectual property theft … Facebook told the PA newswire … Continue reading

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Carthorsing around

I’ve had another close encounter with a carthorse. Yes, my dear friend Ron from Ashton Carthorse rang me again, but I just couldn’t get to the mobile in time. You know how it is with old buddies: he was going … Continue reading

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If music be the food of love, I'm eating weird futuristic pill-sized meals

This is the year that I hope to stop buying brand-new CDs. Even if you don’t consider the media they contain, the boxes alone are an environmental nightmare. So far the only recycling use I’ve found for them is a … Continue reading

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For sale: second-hand classic; slightly Marked

Read a few dozen Radiohead interviews, especially around the time of their collaboration with Humphrey Lyttelton’s band on Amnesiac, and you quickly learn that they’re greater or lesser fans of jazz, depending on the band member. Jon Greenwood is particularly … Continue reading

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The gaffe that keeps on gifting

While The Register is enjoyably irreverent in its dogged pursuit of stories (and delivers a generally high standard of journalism in that sense), its contributors seem on occasion to be incapable of writing English. They pepper their prose with completely … Continue reading

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