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If music be the food of love, I'm eating weird futuristic pill-sized meals

This is the year that I hope to stop buying brand-new CDs. Even if you don’t consider the media they contain, the boxes alone are an environmental nightmare. So far the only recycling use I’ve found for them is a … Continue reading

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For sale: second-hand classic; slightly Marked

Read a few dozen Radiohead interviews, especially around the time of their collaboration with Humphrey Lyttelton’s band on Amnesiac, and you quickly learn that they’re greater or lesser fans of jazz, depending on the band member. Jon Greenwood is particularly … Continue reading

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The gaffe that keeps on gifting

While The Register is enjoyably irreverent in its dogged pursuit of stories (and delivers a generally high standard of journalism in that sense), its contributors seem on occasion to be incapable of writing English. They pepper their prose with completely … Continue reading

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My new year's guiding principles

To invest in the opportunities I already possess Not to gamble my health fretting over those I don’t To develop and transform Not to leave to stagnate To grasp the nettle Not to let battles slip by me for want … Continue reading

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It's a family affhair

Speaking of the pramfaced, supernumary-nubbined, estuary-affected, counting-down-to-first-pregnancied daughter of greasy E L Wisty of rock Keith Allen, Lily Allen, I saw her calendar drastically reduced in The Works on Cornmarket today: you can buy it via Amazon if you really … Continue reading

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I'd be crazy not to follow, follow where you lead

My In Rainbows discbox finally arrived on Friday, after much redirection over Christmas. It’s a work of art in itself, a book-in-box like the Folio Society produces, with two 45rpm, 12″ vinyls bookending a padded gatefold sleeve. Inside there’s two … Continue reading

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If you lived to be three thousand then you'd look gnarled

We didn’t have snow in west Oxfordshire; we had fog. Miserable, heavy, grasping fog. As a result I look out of my office window onto a range of greys, every other colour leaching into a desaturated homogeneity within a few … Continue reading

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