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Mooring yourself out to the highest bidder

The walk from Swinford toll bridge to Pinkhill Lock is much like a walk from either direction to Sandford Lock, only without the crowds and with more sheep and rabbits. There’s more to recommend it than that, though, as crossing … Continue reading

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I syndicate; you alert; he/she/it twits

Twitter is a simple, sufficient method of one-to-many and many-to-many communication. It’s free in the first instance (I haven’t read its terms and conditions for non-individual not-for-profit use), it provides syndication through close integration with SMS and RSS, it has … Continue reading

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Mashups without mandatory mice

Microsoft demonstrably do not understand the web in 2008. Nor do they appreciate that most decent programmers want at least to have access to a command line and an intuitive, syntactically rich, verbal way of coding; they find bizarre, flashy … Continue reading

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That cat in England who swings his ass off

Obituaries of Humph are flying thick and fast on the blogosphere-of-a-certain-age: no reason why I shouldn’t add to them. It would be easy of me to concentrate on his comedy career, as—do feel free to berate me as some sort … Continue reading

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If it's a prime number it's not a milestone

Next Friday is my 31st, and there’ll be some sort of drinking happening in Oxford. If you’d like to come then you’re almost certainly invited, unless you’d like to meet me and kill me. Feel free to leave a comment … Continue reading

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Forget Carbonbury tractors and go buy Truck instead

There are still a few tickets left for this year’s Truck Festival, whose headliners have been revealed to be The Lemonheads. It’s glad to see them getting their career back on track after the untimely death of lead singer Jill … Continue reading

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A strange young man called Dylan Thomas

A (possibly) hitherto-unknown letter from Dylan Thomas to his friend Vernon Watkins. Found in the attic. I’m not making this up.

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Shawn Corey can wait: he knows it's too late as Noel blunders on by

No, Noel: the Glastonbury festival does not have a tradition of guitar music, although I suppose when you have a hammer for a head everything looks like a nail. You’re thinking, if you could ever be said to be doing … Continue reading

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My confirmation name is "lah-de-dah"

(radio) “… The lovely Jeremy Vine….” “[sigh] Jeremy fucking Vine.” “Is that his name now?” “Yeah. He met I— J— and found him to be an inspirational human being.” “Did Winnie the Pooh ever meet Henry the Eighth, then?” “No, … Continue reading

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Scouting for Lyrics

Thanks to my contacts in the music industry, I’ve found myself in possession of a leaked document containing draft lyrics for the next song by Scouting for Girls. This is intended to be the hit follow-up to She’s so Lovely … Continue reading

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