Forget Carbonbury tractors and go buy Truck instead

There are still a few tickets left for this year’s Truck Festival, whose headliners have been revealed to be The Lemonheads. It’s glad to see them getting their career back on track after the untimely death of lead singer Jill Dando.

I notice from the Truck tickets page that they’re charging for parking, but camping is included; they also run special coaches from Oxford and Didcot for what you’d pay on petrol. This is in stark contrast with the Cornbury Festival’s policy of charging for camping but keeping parking free, an ungreen, anti-environmental bit of twisted parsimony, that punishes people too stupid, poor or socialist enough to come by public transport.

In fact, if you wanted even more reasons not to go to Cornbury (apart from the presence of the most awful people in Oxfordshire) then I have it on good authority that the road-widening schemes currently tearing their way through the park are in a large part intended to improve access for festival traffic. After all, you’ve got to meet demand, whether you’re widening private roads or widening the M1. God forbid one might charge for facilities, in order to keep cars away! I mean, how might a festival possibly make ends meet if they did that? Except, you know, Truck.

I’ve yet to work out why they’ve torn out vast quantities of trees by the fish farm. Either they like those numerous, pointless wood fires—with plastic chairs on the top for extra acridity of smoke—or there’s something parking-related going on. But whatever the reason, it’s unlikely to be pretty.

Everyone: come to Truck. Last one there’s a petrol-head.

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