Mooring yourself out to the highest bidder

The walk from Swinford toll bridge to Pinkhill Lock is much like a walk from either direction to Sandford Lock, only without the crowds and with more sheep and rabbits. There’s more to recommend it than that, though, as crossing the lock and weir puts you within yomping distance of Sutton and Stanton Harcourt, across a slightly busier section of path (we saw a half-dozen ramblers); it’s also an hour’s walk back to Eynsham’s Station Lane, which takes you through among other things a beautiful semi-constructed, semi-natural arbour.

Generally, east-west Oxfordshire’s footpaths are far better than west-west Oxfordshire’s, with the routes south of Witney that just peter out, having been sneakily landscaped into fields once the A40 rendered them broken-backed. Possibly the influence of the city keeps eWODC on their toes more than wWODC: it’s unlikely to be that of the newly-christened Fail of the White Horse, after all.

Unfortunately a small chunk of the OS-indicated Thames Path between the boatyard and the lock has been scarfed by two rich people’s houses. The OS map might not be accurate; the said scarfing might not be in any way improper; but the people are certainly rich. And that riverbank certainly belongs to the cottage these days.

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