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Any club that would have you as a member

Now that the great house-transferral industry is in trouble, estate agents are arguably even worse human beings than they were a bit over a year ago. Back then they were busy bothering and berating anyone on their books in order … Continue reading

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Can't we lock up all of Burnley first?

Monbiot is hoping to arrest John Bolton on Wednesday. It’s depressing to hear of someone more successful and high-achieving than you having so much spare time. Thanks a lot, George. It’s all I can do at the moment to clean … Continue reading

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How to catch a mouse

Yesterday, as we sat together on the downstairs futon, recovering from the stress of three days of travel and alcohol on our systems, K. shrieked and pulled her legs off the floor. “A mouse!” she cried, pointing at the shelves … Continue reading

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Let's all begin the Age of Clever together

This weekend I saw one of the most important films of this generation, and the best documentary I have ever seen. I was privileged to be at the premiere of Age of Stupid, the new release from Spanner Films. Until … Continue reading

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Smoothie journey through Barcelona

Barcelona, being a big city, is utterly unlike the surrounding countryside. The food is fantastic, with a lot of vegetarian options. As with many European cities, eastern influences have actually improved the range of non-meaty food available, and among the … Continue reading

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We must deploy troops immediately

vinaigrettegirl writes to Nadine Dorries, which optimistically presupposes that the latter can read the communcation. Since she went up against Ben Goldacre and, by proxy, Snopes, Dorries has generally been considered something of an idiot. Most recently, Unity has taken … Continue reading

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Mañana was all very well ayer, but no mas

Spain’s culture of siestas mean that many industries there have a weird, chopped-in-half day: stopping work at 1pm and resuming around 4pm—the staggering of various people’s siestas turning that reliability gap into something more like 12 till 5—the average office … Continue reading

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¿Tiene leche?

Despite monkeyhands’ eschewing of the hello-I’m-back post, I have no such inhibitions. We had a lovely holiday My parents have finally grasped the art of leaving us alone once in a while, and they no longer plan events for every … Continue reading

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I wasn't ignoring you: I just don't like any of you

We’ve returned from our holiday in Spain, visiting my mother for her 60th. Returned, caught up on sleep, been to another birthday party, recovered from our hangovers and bought enough food that we won’t expire before Abel & Cole provide … Continue reading

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