We must deploy troops immediately

vinaigrettegirl writes to Nadine Dorries, which optimistically presupposes that the latter can read the communcation. Since she went up against Ben Goldacre and, by proxy, Snopes, Dorries has generally been considered something of an idiot. Most recently, Unity has taken her apart over at the Ministry of Truth.

Personally I like to quote Monbiot’s statistic, that implies that restricting access to abortion doesn’t correlate reliably with a reduction in the actual per-capita number of abortions:

In the largely secular nations of western Europe, the average rate is 12 abortions per 1000 women. In the more religious southern European countries, the average rate is 18. In the United States, where church attendance is still higher, there are 23 abortions for every 1000 women(9), the highest level in the rich world

I don’t have a companion statistic for how it increases the sale of knitting needles and pennyroyal tea, but then what do you think I am: YouGov?

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2 Responses to We must deploy troops immediately

  1. Tez Burke says:

    VG, Unity and Dr. Ben have indeed skewered Nadine royally, but the best, most elegant smackdown of the lot comes from Septicisle here.

    Such a shame Mad Nad’s seat appears to be about as safe as they come; if there was any chance of her losing it at the GE I’d be down to Beds like a shot.

  2. sbalb says:

    True, but Unity’s carefully targeted research, working out the links between the self-styled agnostic-for-this-debate Dorries and the Conservative Christian Fellowship, is doggedness at its finest.

    Nine weeks. How ignorant of actual societal processes do you have to be to become a Tory MP?

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