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Coping with someone who is super bright

To counteract to a tiny extent the recommendations I keep spotting for the most boring blog in the world—replete as that one is with contributions from intellectual heavyweights such as Mark Lumbering, and quotes from acclaimed novelist Kitchenette Elgin Marbles—I … Continue reading

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When I think about you I search myself

Google has given up its use of GMail in Germany, in favour of the trademark owned by I for one was up most nights these past three years, pacing the floor, choreographing in my sleepless brain all the possible … Continue reading

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Solstice without the sol

On Saturday morning at around 3 o’clock, addedentry, K. and I set off in what still seemed to be the middle of the night, in order to reach the Port Meadow tump in good time for the sunrise. As we … Continue reading

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Let's celebrate it, whenever it is

My diary claims that Friday is the summer solstice. Saturday would be more convenient. And the adventist calendar for 2008 is silent on the matter, and precession complicates matters anyway. We’d like to celebrate it, anyway, as it’s a day … Continue reading

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Not everyone is an idiot or a git

Some five years ago—probably just before I started blogging, as I can’t find anything about it here, and you just know I would—a certain huge cycle shop on Cowley Road tried to sell me the flysheet of a child’s tent, … Continue reading

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The Respect agenda

For those who missed it, a bootnote to The Register’s ongoing coverage of the Phorm privacy saga (bizarrely, not covered by the traditional press): We tried to obtain an interview today with Andrew Knight via a direct email approach. A … Continue reading

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This is just to advertise

From a passive-aggressive note: via rhodri, and with apologies to William Carlos Williams: We require someone on drums which explains this advert to which previous applicants may reapply except Graham Forgive us we can only handle so much loud cowbell.

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