Am I still ill?

A week passes and still I’m unwell. I think my cold has almost seamlessly segued into general hayfever, which I never get (except when I do). My worry is that it’ll pass, with variations, from its current melodic snufflings and gurglings to a full-blown ear infection: a few years ago those were the bane of my sinusitis-ridden life.

Oh, to be me: in a more miserable mood last week I briefly scanned the prime Smallbeds physique and found around a dozen glaring errors or omissions, any one of which would exclude me from active service. That’s why they look at me oddly in the Co-Op: don’t I know there’s a war on?

(This is all in lieu of content, of course. I just had a nosebleed from a combination of sinus spray, antihistamine and paracetamol, so between snorting over-teh-counter smack and bending over my keyboard breathing in through my nose I don’t have time to write anything actually worth reading.)

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One Response to Am I still ill?

  1. Quinn says:

    I know the feeling. I spend the October-March months fending off a cold, then May-August coping with hay fever, all the while doing what I can to prevent the catarrhy-gunk from making its inexorable march towards my right ear where it will cause my latest bout of temporary deafness. If I let my guard down for a minute and relax my regime of Olbas, steaming and behind-the-counter Sudafed (not the stuff out on display, which is useless) then asymmetric hearing is mine.

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