Let's celebrate it, whenever it is

My diary claims that Friday is the summer solstice. Saturday would be more convenient. And the adventist calendar for 2008 is silent on the matter, and precession complicates matters anyway.

We’d like to celebrate it, anyway, as it’s a day when you can justify getting up or staying up at times when you would normally still be under the covers.

What might other people want to do? Options include:

  1. Friday: walking in the evening across country to the Port Meadow tump, to arrive at midnight. Bring strong drink.
  2. Friday/Saturday: going out late to a pub, getting some drinks in, and staying up either at someone’s house or in Port Meadow, to walk to the aforementioned tump, arriving at 4.46am BST (sunrise).
  3. Saturday: something at the Rollright Stones, depending on buses to Chipping Norton.

With the cross-country walking (option 1) we would come from Farmoor, around Wytham; others might wish to come in along the canal (north or south) or over the allotments (east) depending on their location.

So: thoughts?

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2 Responses to Let's celebrate it, whenever it is

  1. Hullo. Actually we are going to be in the Oxford vicinity on Saturday, although otherwise engaged in the afternoon. If these celebrations included a pub lunch anywhere I think we might be up for joining that. I doubt we’d make dawn anywhere though.

  2. sbalb says:

    Drinking overnight and heading over at dawn is, tentatively, the current plan, but if my mobile is on during Saturday daytime then I at least will be free for coffee

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