Intellectual vacuum

Every community has variety, and scientists—a lazy demographic shorthand used to describe people so fantastically different that the variation is far more important than the average—are no different. Despite the overwhelming majority of highly qualified climatologists who hold the opposing view, if you really try hard enough you will always find a respectable-sounding geocaust denier to excuse inactivity over the climate.

Step forward, Freeman Dyson, neither a climate expert nor a particularly practical man, who takes a break from imaginating magical carbon-eating trees with his mind-brain to suggest that acidifying the ocean with dissolved carbon dioxide will do anything other than kill all the fish. This comes from a theoretical physicist who makes methodological mistakes when theorizing outside his specialist field and who writes like a homespun-wisdom newspaper columnist. Dyson has the sort of rear end that peer review was created to hand to its owner on a plate.

I’ve always preferred “boffins”, anyway.

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