Constructive criticism

As house building companies shed employees left, right and centre, I regret not posting the sekrit insider information I had a few weeks ago. K. quite rightly warned me off, out of libel concerns: suggesting that a company is doing badly can attract charges of libel, and I’d need more proof than “a mate said”. Proving that I had been told it is not enough; proving what I had been told might not have been enough: libel law is tricksy, and even evidence of glee would be held against me.

What’s most interesting (and most galling) is that the company I know about hasn’t even announced anything yet. So not only did I miss out on a chance to look like the pundit’s pundit, but the housing trade is in for worse times yet. Still, best to down tools before you install carpets, so you don’t have to rip them up again when the flood plains flood.

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One Response to Constructive criticism

  1. looby says:

    I know you don’t often hear eminent economists suggesting darkly that the country’s in for a bad time due to recent movements in the price of gerbera imports, but anything your mate hears about floristry can be reported in confidence to the usual address, thank you.

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