Truck XI: live blog

I did the same thing last year and it garnered me a whole new fan, so I thought I’d try again. As before, don’t trust Twitter times, and you can find my edits for clarity—and l’esprit d’escalier—in square brackets.


7:38 PM Packing for Truck. Charging the phone too: no escape, chaps.

07:42 AM Whoosh. That’d better be the last downpour of the weekend.

09:06 AM Festival coach self-applying armband FAIL. Ow.

09:27 AM Stuck at Didcot, no room on coaches for people who actually booked.

12:16 PM John Herguth [is] earnest, with sweet, strong voice, but limited by [being] rhythm guitar only.

12:48 PM TTNG’s sound, complex for its genre, sometimes fights with its own echo in the barn. Good underamped guitar.

12:49 PM But strikingly uncool lead singer with townie puddingbasin cut

12:59 PM Security a bit fucking heavy this year. What is this, Alqaedafest?

1:14 PM Confused bouncy Casio silliness from Fonda 500, with maybe Wiganish shouting and lots of ooeeoo.

1:38 PM Anyone not at the front of Little Fish is wrong.

1:50 PM Drummer [of Little Fish is] hard and dry and tightly wound, so you [briefly] forget about this crazy lady to his right.

2:35 PM Television Personalities take Green-era REM and layer some cracked atonal hollering over it. Thanks.

2:57 PM Thugs a competent, full, dirty trip-hop sound. Squelchier beats bring out the geeks.

3:38 PM Missed all but a small, sweet sliver of The Minnikins, then my nectarines burst.

3:40 PM Emmy the Great summery, delicate UK/US folk. Charming and she knows it.

4:13 PM Sun and pints of water, and I can just about carry on.

4:39 PM Ralfe Band only folksy like James. Ben Folds in there too. Gets better the harder he tries.

6:09 PM Dodgy reclaim some acoustic cred as an English Crowded House, then make a Truck-flooding joke.

6:11 PM My first bought CD of 2008 is Truck 11. It came without a case, so [I get off on a] technicality

6:40 PM [Dodgy] finished with a ‘new one’ – very 1994 Oasis – and shambolic rendition of Good Enough. Nope.

6:44 PM Martin Simpson [simply] warming up is worth listening to. A bit crabby though.

7:46 PM Security at barn employed WHOLE DAY to tell people to go out a different route, marked ‘EMERGENCY’.

7:47 PM If I wanted nonsensical, thick arbitrary, potentially dangerous crowd org I’d have gone to Cornbury.

8:20 PM Having expelled Coldplay from our ur-memory this year, we’re now passing a bolus of Razorlight.

8:26 PM That would explain the corners sawn off an otherwise sharp Okkervil River. addedentry says Hold Steady and that’s def there.

8:27 PM Mealy-mouthed bullshit in programme about Fair Trade coffee not tasting as good.

8:29 PM 1. That may have been true in 2000: eight Trucks later it’s not.

8:30 PM 2. There’s an AMT in every train station I’ve visited and they do pretty well off just Fair Trade.

8:31 PM 3. The taste of other people’s misery can REALLY spoil the cup that otherwise cheers.

8:49 PM Lead singer driving [Okkeril River]. Rest of band’s dynamic follows his, and drummer keeps slowing down.

9:49 PM Endearingly lowkey Lemonheads, like Founts of Wayne do grunge. Wouldn’t have headlined them, tho

9:52 PM Dando does himself a disservice, letting the PA feed back like that. Never knowingly unchilled

10:15 PM Balloons. I love the human instinct to illuminate, fill with warmth and send on its way.

10:47 PM [So So Modern] claustrophobic electro rock. K: Where do they get their energy?

10:57 PM SSM remind me of someone, but there’s also tamed Melt Banana leaking through.

00:33 AM ‘I don’t drink tea, but I do chat about the weather… I fucken HATE that.’


11:25 AM Tea and tea and tea and packing and smoothie for hungover belly.

11:27 AM Easy Tiger do some three-Quord dumdi and jangly strings-free Travis. ROCK in the PUB.

11:53 AM Barn mixing rattly – again. Can’t help that first up after kiddies is niche thrash hairy twopiece Winnebago Deal.

12:08 PM Winchell Riots combine chiming riffs into wistful ballads, each one sounding like the last song on a different album.

12:50 PM Sitters in Pavilllion stopping people fitting in, until Tall Paul stands at the very front. Now we all fit in.

1:12 PM Borderville is Melodramaville, thumping keyboards for the Mazurka of the Black Parade [I meant oberek, not mazurka, but that wouldn’t have been as witty]

3:08 PM Drug Squad: hyperactive klezmer ska. Being Tom Waits stops you slowing down with age.

3:12 PM [Much as I love ’em:] Seen Stornoway too often: sitting out in shade listening instead. Sweet as first love.

4:35 PM [SixNationState] full of suprises: Young Knives play Dexy’s, Kinks, and now angular pop.

5:07 PM There are only so many songs that Aberfeldy will write, so Camera Obscura will always have that niche.

5:15 PM [Inflatable globe deflates] They’re letting the world down. But aren’t we all, in a sense?

6:07 PM Under Duncanz awning, stealin his beerzorz. Good to be warm. Need T-shirts.

7:34 PM Thomas Truax is Dr Seuss inventing music with bicycle wheels, and arguing with them.

7:44 PM [Truax:] I’m a new convert to Wowtown, where all the colours from John Hegley’s world end up.

7:47 PM Just saw [I think] Thingy from Raveonettes, shaking hands like only talent can.

8:23 PM YACHT PowerPoint: ‘This is our house on Google Street View. This rock is no longer here!’ [applause, loud whoops]

8:33 PM [YACHT:] David Schneider fronts Supersystem two-hander with major visuals and one laptop.

9:37 PM Piney Gir’s wedding covers band ambles and skips to the end of our Truck. Coach awaits.

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