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If you like evolution so much why don't you go live there?

For the record, by the way, anyone who responds to urgent requests to modify their behaviour (and by so doing help to avert catastrophic climate change) with that rubbish by Carl Sagan is a point-missing, privileged, footling buffoon. Evolution proper … Continue reading

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Where life is beautiful all the time

Anton Vowl discusses cryptoracists, and the preferred mode of transport of the people who oppress their common-sense opinions: Which brings me to the other kind of racist, who is much more loathsome. This kind of racist doesn’t admit he’s racist. … Continue reading

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The ripe fruits in the garden

Today I killed an animal, myself, for the first time in my life. I’m not counting insects, those weird clockwork and shellac creatures that die so easily. And although I’ve always tried my hardest not to do anything to craneflies … Continue reading

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A sound solution

Feeling a bit under the weather, I’ve hunkered down today. I’m psychologically incapable of relaxing, though, so I’ve spent the time tidying bits of the house. The difficulty with having an outsize house for our needs—especially one with an easy-to-forget … Continue reading

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John Peel was totally into Public Enemy before it took a nation of millions

Since I half-heartedly announced a minor meme four years ago, I’ve been broadly keeping my music tastes just that: broad. I’m a perfect example of the self-hating fifty-quid man, so turning each shopping expedition into a game of genre darts … Continue reading

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The wind pulls up the rain pulls up the soil pulls up the earth

CRB mentions that this feels like the windiest year [he] can remember. Certainly every year since around 2000 has had the weirdest weather I could at that point remember, if not necessarily the windiest. When I first began cycling a … Continue reading

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Festival in Temple Cowley next weekend

All right, all right: don’t get too excited. It’s not exactly Truck (or even last year’s anti-Truck, which was indeed out in Temple Cowley as the floods poured over Steventon). But the Elder Stubbs allotments are having their own festival … Continue reading

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Three proud hypocrisies

In Vanity Fair, Thackeray continues to refer to the most morally upstanding member of his bizarre collection of characters as a hypocrite: Conducted to the ladies, at the Ship Inn, Dobbin assumed a jovial and rattling manner, which proved that … Continue reading

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British police beat peaceful protesters, again

The innocent man has only so much to fear from the police as they do from any other bunch of otherwise laughable, heavily armed, thick-skulled, stoked-up neds. There’s currently a peaceful demonstration and climate workshop camp being run near the … Continue reading

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Insert caption here thx

Incidentally, I was at the Caption gallery opening night yesterday, and I was stunned by the sheer virtuosity on display. I suppose Caption has in some way become a scene (and I had no idea that some of my friends … Continue reading

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