Where life is beautiful all the time

Anton Vowl discusses cryptoracists, and the preferred mode of transport of the people who oppress their common-sense opinions:

Which brings me to the other kind of racist, who is much more loathsome. This kind of racist doesn’t admit he’s racist. He thinks he’s not racist; he thinks he’s just trying to talk about matters in a calm and rational manner, which unfortunately is denied to him because the ‘PC Brigade’ will come and take us away in their big pink diversity van.

You couldn’t make it up.

Actually, I count a good half dozen of my close friends who would rather like to drive that van. Is there a rota we can sign up to? Parp parp!

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2 Responses to Where life is beautiful all the time

  1. Nelson says:

    My favourite flavour of cryptoracism is “Intelligent Hating”. It works a bit like “Intelligent Design” works for creationists.

    Basically, it involves tarting up your absurd ideas up with a transparent varnish of pseudoscientific credibility. Then you sit back and wait for people to point out that you’re talking complete bollocks. Finally, you accuse them of trying to “stifle the debate”.

  2. sbalb says:

    Gosh. It’s like you’ve just given me a beautifully wrapped and expensive Swarovski-studded gift that also doubles as a heavy weight for striking stupid people soundly around the frontal lobes.

    I’ve needed a word for that for so long. I spot the tactic in one context or another every day (generally being reported second-hand by fake journalists who believe in “balance”), but especially when geocaust deniers try to keep a false debate going about climate change.

    Bless you. I’ll clasp this to my bosom all weekend.

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