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Woe to those who hoard berries

Over the course of perhaps two weeks, blackberry season has pretty much approached, arrived, dawdled and is packing up its bags to leave. The sheer quantity of fruit dangling off hedgerows in the Cotswolds is startling, and it’s difficult to … Continue reading

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Consumerism will eat itself

monkeyhands discusses real consumer confidence: … When I hear about “consumer confidence” being low, I think that’s completely the wrong way of framing it. Shopping isn’t a confidence-affirming act. Real confidence comes when you say “Fuck it. I know how … Continue reading

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Every morning I’m overtaken by an idiot. Well, I’m overtaken by many idiots, but one regular idiot has a car registration ending “EAN”. The assonantal coincidence meant that I was worried for a while that it actually belonged to my … Continue reading

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For all your libel threat needs

Craig Murray is once again being threatened with libel action by a millionaire, although this time the threat is a rather tangential and allusive one made by someone who considers himself a “good friend” of the potential plaintiff. What’s most … Continue reading

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What people say, and where the echoes end up

“Anyone who thinks the LHC will destroy the world is a twat.” So said Brian Cox, or maybe he didn’t. Johnny Walker was all over the LHC on R2, of course, so Cox may have had a point, if he … Continue reading

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Ascetic, acid

Yesterday it rained from the moment I left the house to the moment I got to work: not heavily, but sustained. That much water can wet the dryest biscuit, and by the time I reached my destination all of me, … Continue reading

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It's a mad, mad, mad, mad, marld

Radio 2 announced yesterday that the weather this last month is “the worst since records began.” I had no idea that weather could be submitted to moral judgments, and was interested precisely how this had been discovered, and what the … Continue reading

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