For all your libel threat needs

Craig Murray is once again being threatened with libel action by a millionaire, although this time the threat is a rather tangential and allusive one made by someone who considers himself a “good friend” of the potential plaintiff.

What’s most interesting is that in response Murray has written a search-engine optimized blog post. Read his last paragraph, beginning “It would be a great pity….” It’s been lexically massaged until it’s like something off, which is a sure sign that it’s aimed at the search engines as much as at human beings. But all of that text is merely there to bolster the optimally positioned quotation of the “friend’s” original comment, which makes very explicit mention of the defining business attributes of the person he’s trying to defend: the FTSE ranking of the company he works for and his position within it. Bear in mind that this comment was originally made in a public forum, and as such was always ripe for picking up by the search engines.

Between the “friend’s” efforts and Murray’s aid, I note at the time of writing this that Murray’s post is already second in a Google search for Tony Buckingham CEO. With friends like this, who needs meta tags?

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