Consumerism will eat itself

monkeyhands discusses real consumer confidence:

… When I hear about “consumer confidence” being low, I think that’s completely the wrong way of framing it. Shopping isn’t a confidence-affirming act.

Real confidence comes when you say “Fuck it. I know how to make bread, so I’m not going to cycle five miles going to three different shops in an attempt to find one which still has some bread on the shelves.” Real confidence comes when you say, “Fuck it. I don’t need this T-shirt badly enough to be pressured into taking out a sodding store card. If you don’t stop hassling me, I’m going to walk out and leave it here.” Real consumer confidence always begins with the “fuck it” and ends with a refusal to jump through any retailer-imposed hoops.

Most days I don’t see any obvious sign of this ubiquitous Credit Munch biting Mondeo Man, certainly not yet. For a start, the traffic on the A40 would suggest that he’s still driving his fucking Mondeo.

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2 Responses to Consumerism will eat itself

  1. Isn’t the phrase ‘consumer confidence’ nothing more than a subliminal sales technique to try and motivate the hapless public in to going out and spending money to prop up the economical model?

  2. sbalb says:

    Not sure: I’ve spent two days trying to get a pub to accept seven hundred pounds. So I’m all itching for the end of capitalism right now.

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