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What's a fan of Russell Brand to do?

I love my Dad. For some time I couldn’t cope with him, and it looked to all intents and purposes like I didn’t love him at all. But now I can deal with him, and we have a lot more … Continue reading

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Boris Johnson must hate your children…

… otherwise I can’t understand why he would want their finances, their homes and their very way of live ruined by runaway climate change in the near future. I’ve met a few people who, despite being reasonably aware of (and … Continue reading

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We can never have too much of your yapping

Via Rachel North, I present the return of the most annoying people ever to grace drinks advertising, the Wassup crowd. Don’t click away: it’s worth watching as far as one of them trying to hang himself: I envisage a followup … Continue reading

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The leaves are brown and the summer's gone

Even mentioning the natural beauty of last week’s commute seemed briefly to have spoiled the magic: there were a few rainy days there, a cold and wet backdrop to little shards of still-summery warmth. It was like, while talking about … Continue reading

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You couldn't set your alarm clock by three sunsets

I’m finally rising from my equinoctal slump, luckily just in time to organize a local web event. This week’s oddness—spending the first two working days away from home entirely, in a hotel on the Monday night—has been made worse by … Continue reading

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The cheek of it!

As I posted this originally on a locked LiveJournal, here it is in all its glory:

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It's not racist if you just hate yourself

In typically offensive fashion, b3ta provided its newsletter subscribers with a racist song this week. It’s kind of funny if horrid and amateurish, which is a good strapline for the b3ta site generally. I drop “funny” into there in the … Continue reading

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Wherever you go, there you are

K. and I are back from our wet weekend in Brighton. Without meaning to, I ended up indulging my weakness for out-of-season coastal towns: this particular location was quite lovely, with the shops on the pier dotted with boarded-up units, … Continue reading

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