Boris Johnson must hate your children…

… otherwise I can’t understand why he would want their finances, their homes and their very way of live ruined by runaway climate change in the near future.

I’ve met a few people who, despite being reasonably aware of (and fairly comfortable with) the notion of social responsibility and responsibility towards others, still voted for Boris Johnson. Now that he’s announced his support for a super-airport bigger than Heathrow, I feel that the sheer weight of straw on this poor camel’s back permits me to say:

You morons. You FUCKING morons.

In similar news, although many may be rejoicing that Callmedave is at least on hand to rein in Squire Johnsons (Mister Melty-Face rules out third Heathrow runway under a Tory “administration”) I have it on good authority that the massed ranks of ageing, dust-covered, creaking Tory faithful are up in arms over his announcement.

The freedom to fuck your children in the ear with runaway climate change is, for some reason that only makes sense if you’re mad, a human right as far as the party en masse is concerned. In fact, if he pulls that stunt when he’s prime minister, the likelihood is that Camerels will face a backbench revolt, and Heathrow’s expansion will go ahead anyway.

The solution’s simple, of course: vote Green, not green. Or for Vince Cable.

[Edit: fixing grammar typo]

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2 Responses to Boris Johnson must hate your children…

  1. K says:

    Please unwrite this post. I’ve had my daily quota of selfish, stupid fuckheads already. Thanks.

  2. Brennig says:

    Oh my, I so wish I could comment but sadly my proximity to things Borish and my eccentric taste for earning a living preclude me…

    But it’s unlikely to happen whilst Dangerous Dave has his hands on the tiller.

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